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Bruker Corporation is the global market and technology leader in analytical magnetic resonance instruments including NMR, preclinical MRI and EPR. The Bruker BioSpin Group of companies develop, manufacture and supply technology to research establishments, commercial enterprises and multi-national corporations across countless industries and fields of expertise.

Bruker is the world’s leading supplier of electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer (EPR) systems. Our product lines include the research EPR product line ELEXSYS™, the compact EPR product lines EMXplus™ and EMXmicro™, the desktop routine product line EMXnano™ and the quality control product line e-scan™.




Superconducting magnets for resonance applications must adhere to strict homogeneity, stability and persistence requirements. Cryogenic Ltd has decades of experience in the development of these magnets and is a leading supplier of systems for  EPR, NMR, MRI and a wide range of other applications.